Cement Coated Fiberglass mat

Cement Coated Fiberglass mat
Cement Coated Fiberglass mat is using the fiberglass mat is base material, coating the mixture of cement, stone powder and binder on one side or both side of the fiberglass mat, then go through the curing process. According to the demand of the customer the cement coated fiberglass mat can be grey color, white color, green color and so on. This kind of material usually be using on the surface of the wall boards, ceiling, mineral wool panel and so on, gives good mechanical features and insulation features to the wall boards and mineral wool boards.

Product name Cement Coated Fiberglass mat
Item Unit Specification Test result Test Standard
fiberglass floor mat weight G/M2 100 100  
Total unit weight G/M2 450(±20) 460 GB/T 9914.3-2001
Width MM 1220(±1) 1220 /
Thickness MM 0.9(±0.05) 0.92 GB3820-1997
Paper core diameter MM 156 156 /
Moisture % ≤0.9 0.6 GB/T9914.0-2001
Tensile strength MD N/5CM ≥500 505 GB/T 7689.5-2001
Tensile strength CD N/5CM ≥400 426
Quantity   roll    
Test date     April 10, 2018