NJEFG, as a famous brand in fiberglass and waterproof industry from China created her ultimate target, that is “ CREATE THE FIRST BRAND IN THE WORLD ”. Every employee in NJEFG has interjected this faith into the daily work and life. When you cooperate with NJEFG you will find that you are working with a full experienced professional team, and you will be enjoying the considerate service, high quality and good reputation.


1. NJEFG was founded with the aim of satisfying various requires on reinforcement, insulation, filtration, surface treatment, decoration and so on, with the base material of fiber glass;
2. NJEFG has a highly trained and experienced technical team that is focused on providing “tailored” product solutions;
3. NJEFG will ensure optimum product performance at the lowest total cost to your business;
4. NJEFG professional service team will deliver you high quality products and considerate service on time.